Like the part of speech, the items in this series are meant to join and be joined.

I like the title “Conjunctions” because with these images I’m trying to present specific proposals about a kind of domestic creative and identity-making activity, one that is repeatable and mappable across identities and locations. The activity we all share, one that joins my space to yours, is in the reordering and recapitulation of the physical system of objects that occupy our private spaces.

So to begin, I asked friends to let me photograph certain kinds of containers and contents from their homes. I asked them not to clean or arrange anything before I arrived, and I specifically selected containers that are not usually visible to guests. No mantles, display shelves, coffee tables, et al. I wanted desk drawers, personal shelves, boxes of “stuff” and the like, containers that are organized only according to a personalized correspondence to a natural-feeling order.

Working with these images, I’ve been cropping and presenting them in ways that make them compositionally amenable to being tiled, rotated, and placed in varying configurations, more like dominoes than pictures.